Inspired by one of the mightiest race of explorers ever to walk the Earth, the ÆSIR range of workstations are named after the gods of the fierce and all-conquering Vikings.

Unlike the major mass workstation vendors, we deliver real world 3D and 2D projects, expert software training and support. This expertise is pumped back into refining our E, T & O Series design. If it doesn’t make the machine faster, its not in there.

Named after the Norse goddess of the dawn, Eostre, COA’s E-Series workstations represent a cost-effective introduction to the fastest and most powerfull workstation range available.

The COA T-Series is worthy of its namesake, Thor, the Lord of Thunder. Built from the ground up to deliver lightning-fast speed. The T-Series workstation is the professionals tool for churning through high end work.

3 Year warranty

Inspired by the ancient king and the most powerful of Norse gods, Odin “the All Father”, the O-series is quite simply the juggernaut of pure processing power.

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